We have a wide array of Medical services and expertise with many of our doctors having areas of special interest.

General Medicine

General Medicine. General practitioners are experts in a wide variety of medical fields. Our experienced GPs are continually updating their expertise. The job of GP covers an immense variety of medical problems ranging from common infections to management of complex diseases including cardiac, respiratory, gastrointestinal and many more. GP’s also deal with emotional problems all the while understanding the relationship between illness, psychology, and relationships.

Women's Health

Womens health. Some of our GPs have a special interest in women’s health including obstetrics and gynaecology as well as breast health. Cervical screening is an important part of health maintnenance and preventative health. Pap smears guidelines have now been changed such that the traditional 5 year smear test has now been changed to a Cervical Screening test where testing for wart virus has now become a more accurate way of predicting the risk for cervical cancer. Some or our doctors assist with shared care of pregnancies and paediatric care.

The incidence of breast cancer in the community is about 1 in 12 women. With a frequency this high it is important that GPs are experts at managing patient concerns and knowing how best to investigate and manage breast conditions. The doctors at Nepean Health Care have years of experience in this area.

Men's Health

Men are sometimes the last to be concerned about their health. Just like a car, the human body needs regular servicing to check for preventable conditions and minimise the risk of future illness. We have numerous doctors that understand and care for men’s issues. These include Prostate health, erectile concerns as well as the common problems men suffer from such as Cardiovascular disease, Gastrointestinal issues, Diabetes, and Respiratory illness.

Sports Medicine

Dr Rob Vorich has a special interest in Sports Medicine and has worked with AFL Clubs for many years , currently with Carlton Football Club. He has extensive experience in managing sporting and musculoskeletal injuries.

Skin Cancer Assessment and Management (Nepean Skin Cancer Clinic)

Early detection Saves lives.
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Dr Gary Pellizzari has been performing skin cancer checks for more than 12 years and is a member of the Skin Cancer College of Australasia. Using the latest technology in computerised digital monitoring and microscopic assessment of moles and spots we are able to accurately diagnose and manage all forms of skin pathology in its early stages. We perform regular skin checks using a dermatoscope and monitor new or changing lesions.

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Psychological support

GP’s at Nepean Health Care understand the stresses experienced at work, home and in relationships. They have much wisdom and support to share in these areas. Mental Health Plans are provided by GP's when further support is needed by a psychologist in order to allow a Medicare rebate for up to 10 visits a year. If you need this service please discuss with your GP.

Care plans

Care planning is offered by GPs when patients have chronic and/or multiple medical conditions. This allows a structured way of planning on best management that can be followed by patient and doctor creating a clear path for understanding what is required to maximise your health. A Care Plan also allows a Medicare subsidy for up to 5 allied health visits per year. Eg physiotherapy and podiatry.

Travel Clinic and Vaccinations

Nepean Health Care is an approved Travel Medicine clinic with authorisation to administer Yellow Fever vaccines as well as all the usual travel vaccinations. Dr Vinotha Vijayakumar is an expert in travel medicine and has immense knowledge and experience in the area. If you are planning a trip, particularly to Asia, Africa or South America it is vital to organise any vaccinations at least 6 weeks prior to travel. Don’t let your well earned holiday be spoiled by an illness. Arrange a travel appointment today.

Child and Adult vaccinations

We have a full range of vaccinations on site, ranging from simple Influenza vaccinations to all the regulation childhood vaccinations. Our nurses are experts and available to answer any vaccination questions. Remember prevention is the key! Diseases that were common place some years ago such as Measles, Rubella, Polio etc are now virtually unheard of due to a strong commitment from the our National Health Governing bodies. Vaccinations are proven and safe and are the best way to keep from becoming unwell. Make sure you are up to date!

Older Persons Care

Many of our GPs have training in the particular care requirements in the elderly population. There is a growing need for this in our community. Our senior citizens deserve the best of health. We have a strong commitment to understanding special requirements including Arthritis and mobility issues, Care required when activities of daily living become troublesome, Chronic medical condition management, External community support. We provide a home visit service by our nurses to complete Over 75 health assessments allowing us to understand not only the medical issues affecting one’s life but how they impact on coping at home.

Dr Robert Gingold has a strong interest in aged care and is the author of "Successful Ageing"

Pre employment medicals

Nepean Health Care has a good relationship with surrounding industries in the Moorabbin area. We provide pre employment medicals which include, audiometry, lung function testing (spirometry) and full medical exams to fulfil work place requirements. We also provide urgent medical care for minor work place injuries eg, lacerations, minor trauma accidents, and work related illness.

Iron Infusions

Our nursing team have participated in education and completed training in the delivery of Iron Infusions. We are able to provide this service in our well-equipped treatment room under the supervision of your Dr. If you would like more information, please speak to your Dr or a member of our nursing team.

Aviation Medicals

Dr Gayl Robinson completed the Australian Certificate in Civil Aviation Medicine with Monash University Public Health and Preventative Medicine in 2018. Dr Robinson is registered with CASA as a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner, (D.A.M.E.) and conducts Aviation Medicals at Nepean Health Care.

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